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Traditional Digital Media, Marketing Promotion

The digital market trend is changing every day. The importance of traditional techniques such as keyword search (SEM) and website banner cannot not be overlooked. However, with the rise of social media platforms, these traditional digital advertising approaches have taken up a new role of re-marketing. It serves to continuously strengthen existing customers’ impression of the brand and maintain the brand's exposure on the Internet.


Our professional consultants are required to be accredited by Google AdWords in order to provide clients with different online advertising recommendations. Combined with Re-Marketing approach, maximum results at the lowest cost can be achieved.

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There are so many kinds of digital media platforms for different users on the Internet. How can advertisers choose the right one from many that matches the brand image and has the maximum advertising effects?


We are not only skilled in the delivery of traditional media, but also familiar with the performance of various emerging digital platforms. Based on the client’s brand image and the market trends, we recommend the right media and contents to help you deliver product information in the most effective way. Recommending most popular way of advertising aside, we also suggest the most effective ones to enhance your advertising efficiency to the maximum.

Connecting Different Digital Platforms

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In addition to inviting celebrities/KOLs to lead a trend, many clients will also invite media to spread their product messages and information. Besides media coverage, a professional event planning company will also offer product information packaging for clients, find out the point of interest of the media, and enhance the public's understanding of the product.

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