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FILA- Fila Fusion Rebranding Campaign

Fila Hong Kong is becoming very aggressive to entre the young market recently. Their new brand Fila Fusion and Fila kids will be the key product to refresh their branding. As to strengthen their young image, they do lots of promotion on social media.

Opening Ceremony - Invited Michelle Wai as the guest of the ceremony

Michelle Wai was invited as the special guest of the opening ceremony. She shared of some points about why Fila is her favorite. Also She tailor made a T-shirt for herself at that time in the fusion bar which is one of the main selling point of Fila Fusion.

Artist Line-up & Content Management

Artist can always lead trend among youngsters. Lining up popular singers, “男神” and “女神” to have a mix and match with Fila’s product, not only can show the sense of Fila’s fashion design, but also bring a “high-end” and “younger” image the brand.


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